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Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch
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Re: Patched your Java yet?

I normally test links I post in the preview page but didn't this time. I guess Oracle is smarter than most by blocking direct downloads

Guess you'll just have to go here

»www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ ··· dex.html

when your eyes/brain are feeling better
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Jedi Poster

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OK. Thanks! Two more questions and a comment and we're history on this "problem."

Comment: I find the for a simpleton like me that the Oracle website experience of understanding what exactly it is you need for whatever platform you seeking is about as friendly as a case of hemorrhoids. Going in the front door you all ready have to know quite bit about Java within a certain context.

Question #1: It looks like to me that the proper download for both windows 7 64 bit and OS X 10.6.7 is the file
"Java SE 7u9" Is that correct?

Second, Apple is pretty good through their update checker that you can run easily 24/7 in identifying anything new in key software or drivers that needs updating and they do it for you when you OK it. But they say nothing or do not reference any new updates for Java.

Somewhere a while back in time it is my recollection that it was said by somebody of authority with Apple or OS X or Oracle that Macs use a specialized version of Java. If true that fits why nothing in the Apple software apple updater but it seems totally contradictory to what the portal page you links says. They seem to say the file referenced above is newest safest and the one BOTH Macs and Windows needs.

I wonder if we have any Mac familiar folks here that can comment.


I don't want mess up the mac. I like Windows 7 a lot and use it frequently but the OS X is my main bad boy.

Both OS's have their strengths and weaknesses but my favorite trait of the Mac is its ease to "drive." In terms strictly of ease to drive the Mac is like driving a BMW 7 down the freeway while the Windows is like driving your new F-150 down a beat up Baja dirt road.

Both vehicles are great vehicles doing what they were designed to do and they are doing it well. It's the individual that decides what experience they like based upon their taste and needs!

I want to keep that BMW running down the freeway trouble free.

Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch
said by Blogger:

Question #1: It looks like to me that the proper download for both windows 7 64 bit and OS X 10.6.7 is the file
"Java SE 7u9" Is that correct?

Don't feed trolls--it only makes them grow!

Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Blogger
Oracle and Apple are fighting right now.

You'd want to check on Oracle's site since they're not allowed in the App Store now.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
reply to StuartMW
Sorry is there a reason not to use




Randallstown, MD
·Verizon Online DSL
That site is fine.
It is actually easier & clearer for what most people will want.
By default (at least for Windows) it will download a stub installer, but there is also a link to the full installers.

Java Downloads for All Operating Systems

Also, JavaScript is not Java.

Hilo, HI
reply to StuartMW
What does this mean?

"JavaFX 2.2.3 is now bundled with the JDK on Windows, Mac and Linux x86/x64." The site says JavaFX is for Enterprise users so why is it bundled with JDK? And why do I have to download a DEVELOPMENT KIT? Where's plain Java download for users? I am not developing Java applications!

What's that "Next Release - Early Access" one? A beta version?

I'm asking because I want to know what I am doing when my new machine arrives and I need to install Java right away so I can do some speed tests. Last time I upgraded Java, it was Sun Java years ago. So, Oracle's site is new to me. I actually like Oracle's site much better than Sun's Java site (used to be when I was updating my old Sun Java) as Oracle's is nice and clean and business like.

Actually, this is what users want:

»www.java.com/en/download/index.j ··· ndex.jsp

It reminds me of the old Sun site to get Java but Oracle has not cluttered the site like Sun did. It is a nicer site now. But why are you recommending download of JDK?
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1 recommendation

JDK - Java Development Kit.

Whether downloading from java.com or Oracle, consumer/desktop use is the JRE...Java Runtime Environment.

Early Access - development builds.
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