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Pittsburgh, PA
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Re: Do you still use Windows?

I primarily use Apple stuff. It's an efficient UI and pretty difficult to break the machine.

Windows needs a lot of care.

Don't use IE. Horrible track record.
Which ever browser you use be sure to use at minimum adblock plus.
Install MSMVP host file.
Add in no-script and flashblock if you're super paranoid.
Run a useful antivirus (not norton, mcafee, avg free etc).
Obviously you want to check for OS security updates.
Update Flash / Java constantly (if you even need it)
If you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader / Pro update it.
Javacool Software's Spyware Blaster is a good preventative program.

Windows is not a "set it up and forget it" OS. People who get burned generally think it is.

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