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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to fiberguy

Re: non-apology

said by fiberguy:

Quite honestly, the day that a court orders someone to appologize for suing another company is a sad day in this world. Regardless of what side you cheer on, the fact remains that what this UK court is doing is a HORRIBLE thing for the legal system.

The court ordering apple to "appologize" for accusing Samsung of copying apple, as the court ruled they didn't, is about the same as a dad putting his kid on a street corner with a sign saying "I cheated on my math test"... it's childish and completely un-becoming of a court. The judge that ordered this silly non-sense should be removed from the bench.

Samsung clearly is going after the look and feel of apple.. one just has to look at their latest laptop/tab.. the look and design is exactly of the MacBook Pro.

On the case of the pad, I think the case was valid and apple had every right to challenge it in court.. I think Samsung did no wrong on this, really, as you can't do much with a pad when it's just a rectangular screen. (Laptops are a different story) But, a "court" shouldn't decide infringement in these cases.. there should be a separate body that first has to determine if there is cause for a case or not.. courts are not always the best place to have the argument.. it's where you go to get paid for what was wrongfully done. Up until the point of the court case there was nothing established that Samsung did in fact violate apple's rights.

And news flash people, if you think these companies, on either side, are all innocent and don't push the envelops on their competitor's rights, then you're bigger idiots than I thought.. they all do it. To sit here and say one side is a saint or the other is a horrible company only makes you look like an idiot with nothing worth saying in the first place.

The fact is that like them or hate them, everyone is always using the term "apple killer" , "iPhone killer" or "iPad killer".. that in itself says a lot..

Patent trolling is what is horrible for our legal system.
I wish in the US they would do this instead of that wacky texas court that always sides with patent trolls.

What this Uk court is great as Apple's lawsuit was frivioulus and they should be punished.

To accuse someone of stealing your idea to force them to spend money and time on litigation is wrong when you 100% know they did not steal your idea.
Apple should be paying samsung back for all the money they spent dealing with them.

Apple's Ipad looks exactly like Samsungs picture frame that was out on the market in 2006. Yes Samsung's device only displayed pictures but they clearly had the design first and Apple copied them.