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Harriman, TN

CallCentric Problems

I thought I was getting phone calls about the upcoming election.
There was so many (about 50 today) I started blocking the area codes, most of the calls are from Texas and some from other states. The calls kept coming in so I started answering them, The people are calling about apartments in Texas or tryng to reach a home office in Texas.

None of them are dialing my number, I am located in TN.

Another problem I am having is once I make a call and hang up I can get a dial tone but when I dial a number I get a recording stating that I can not make two calls at one time, (I have that feature checked) Callcentric's machine does not release the line and continues to charge me for talk time until their machine releases the line. I tried rebooting and resetting my Linksys but that does not help.

I opened a ticket with CC but no answer as of this writing.

Is anyone else having these types of problems with CC?


Sheffield Lake, OH
Some ATA's needed a firmware update to confirm the hang-up.

May want to try that.


Harriman, TN
Yesterday I logged over 70 incoming calls to my number. None of these calls were from any one I knew or anyone that I do business with, All of the calls are somehow being routed to my number by mistake. I continued to block the area codes with the star feature.
I had to block areas codes: 412, 786, 318, 512, 918, 972, 281, 614, 713, 979, 801, & 832. As I was receiving multiple calls from each one of these areas codes.

Finally last night a CC rep replied stating:

At this time, we were informed by our underlying carrier that they have re-routed your number and you should no longer receive unwanted calls. Please unblock all the area codes so you will be able to advise if you are still receiving these calls.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you."

I cleared all the area code blocks as directed and have had no unwanted calls today. Hope it stays that way and thanks CC for your efforts in this matter. (I wish someone could explain why this happened and why it only happened to me?)