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[TV] Distortion on expressvu

My parents are subbed to bell expressvu. They were complaining that they were having sound problems so i checked it out. While i checked i noticed there is distortion on the astral movie channels, the sound is not abnormally loud, just distortion coming out from the rca's when it should be louder, like impacts, engines running, explosions and such in movies, what is strange it only happens on the movie channels. Other channels are fine even the ones with the loud commercials from usa. Is this happening to anyone else or just them? Wondering if they need a new receiver ?

Hamilton, ON

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said by guy :

Wondering if they need a new receiver ?

The older boxes are both analogue and digital, while the new boxes are 100% digital.

We have Cogeco cable and we have an old Motorola box and a recent one.

While both boxes work, some programs on some channels are decidedly better on the newer box; while most are the same.

The problem seems to happen on non HD channels. The older box seems to output an analog signal while the newer box outputs a digital signal.

We have a 42" Samsung LED TV and the picture quality is dramatically different from box to box on some low definition channels.

Sound (except for level) has not been an issue.


Edit: Opps - lost a bracket in the quote and couldn't find the error


London, ON
reply to guy
What receiver? What TV?

Is the TV setup for simulated surround sound? This can really mess up the background sounds, brings them forward instead of the normal front channels.


reply to guy
Use the signal meter on the receiver to align the dish to the highest possible signal strength. The problem you describe sounds like typical Rogers digital television which sound distorts and pixelates on most channels. Bell expressvu doesn't have that problem if you maximize your signal strength.


reply to RickStep
Hmm signal is fine pretty much at the top end, i'll check it out more next weekend it could be the surround sound, thanks for that. However it was off on the tv along with all the other fancy stuff. Tv is a 42lw5300, runs fine with other stuff blueray player with hdmi, mkv's, etc. I noticed picture quality isn't incredible either on bell, looks like it's bumped down to 60% of original. (not pixelation, just very grainy around line edges and such).