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Re: Newbie to WISP advice

Avoid wisponline, If you do go with his service DO NOT sign a contract. You will see why if you use his service for a few day's.

I strongly recommend calling Nexicom. They have both a modern licensed 3.65ghz wireless service and a older unlicensed 2.4/5.8ghz Motorola canopy network.

They also have a very extensive VDSL and cable network that covers many rural area's. As well as fiber to the home in millbrook.

In my opinion Nexicom is the best to deal with, the most modern and advanced internet service provider in Ontario. And the only company that truly competes with both bell and rogers successfully for both wired and wireless services.

Unlike all of the hundreds of other ADSL/cable wholesalers in Ontario. Nexicom has built out their own network from the ground up.

Nexicom on the cutting edge of proven technology and the best provider in your area.

Nexicom's network has been built right from the start and they do not compromise to save money.

Nexicom will give you want you want and better then anyone else in that region.


Cavan, ON
Thanks All.

I have been waiting for Nexicom for a good while now. They are laying their cables etc and said they would be going live at the end of September, mid October, first week in November etc etc.

They are saying they are testing the lines . Someone last week was putting the little flags up showing where the gas/power lines are in the gardens but no idea as to when they are laying the cable from the road to the house and connecting it all up.

From all of the above responses about Wisponline.ca I think I'll wait for Nexicom (plus wis wanted $250 installation fee!) - they were my first choice anyway but just got tired of waiting so was lookign for other alternatives.


very wise to wait in this case!