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Re: music to game by-what u listen to?

Bastion Soundtrack
Assassins Creed Soundtrack

Those are my favorites.

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When in the right mood I like to listen to anything 40's but I mainly listen to that stuff when I get too angry of the game i'm playing.. If the game i'm playing is a GTA type then I like to listen to whatever is good on the radio station like sleeping dogs: chineese music and some normal USA music mixed in with that. If its a puzzle then not really anything cause i like to think.

When I do map editing or something similar then i listen to my entire music folder at times.. Given the taste of the type of music i'm listening to, that will be the style my map will be (or a mixture)
The music that is put in with the game have a bit of a resemblance cause they go together so great weather its a video scene or plan gameplay. I could fire up a zombie killing game such as dead rising and put in christmas music or serious head bagging music and the jump behind the wheel of a tank or a different automobile and lay back and watch the blood and body parts fly over my car or crunch.

Some of my games cannot talerate with music being played in background cause not enough cpu power or memory so I fire up my stereo system and get out some fun kicka$$ music cd's. The best music player I like to use is winamp with xfire open and online so if i can't get to desktop or leave game window maximized I can open xfire's feature to where i can chat with my friends and change song making it much easier than closing down game and then changing song and then relaunching game, that would be very frustrating all the time.
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