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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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[Speed] 105 upgrade fun...NOT

Direct support told me I'd have to pay $249 to upgrade to extreme 105 and it would be a $40 upcharge on my triple play. So I go to the Comcast office to pick up a new EMTA (my customer owned one bit the dust so I am going to rent from now on as one of my Facebook friends advised me to) so they are out of stock on the D3 EMTAs and they only have the gateways. So I reluctantly took the gateway hoping they would have more the next day. So then I took two buses each way (car no longer is road legal due to inspection/mechanical issues so I took it off the road) to swap out the gateway to a standard modem so I could use my AirPort router. All they had (which was offered to me yesterday but I did not want to reconfigure the wiring) was a data only D3 modem for data and an older D2 EMTA for voice. So I tried again today to get a D3 EMTA and all they had was gateways. They knew I was there yesterday so the clerk (who I have had good experiences with before) took me ahead of everyone else in line (as going to that office is as fun as a trip to the state DMV where you take a number and wait forever) so there were no D3 standalone EMTAs to be had. So I took the same combo that I was offered yesterday and since I had a maxed out 4-way splitter, I put a 2-way ahead of the 4-way and put the data modem one leg of the two-way and put the 4-way on the second leg with the three TVs and the phone modem. Basically if I put any more items, I'll probably use an 8-way splitter and an amplifier from Best Buy. So I got home and activated the equipment using the walled garden but had to call CS because the modem activated but the walled garden would not go away.

On to the second part of my fun: I also upgraded to Extreme 105 and they just added the upgrade code to my account at the office. I have been getting conflicting information from CC employees, DSLR direct support said the $249 install is necessary so they can put in their gateway (which they've been pushing those gateways which comparing that to an Apple AirPort Extreme is like comparing a Greyhound bus to First Class on an Airplane) so I refuse the install as I have been told by local Comcast employees (at the office and by and by a local support tech that had been with the company when MTV still played music and premium cable was 40 channels max) that they no longer charge the $249 install fee and that they just need to push a new config file to the modem.

So I get home, activate the equipment and I am only getting this on speed tests after several calls to CS.

So I call CS and got a wonderful rep on the phone who did everything he could on his part (some systems were down as the storm took out a good part of Comcast kingdom) and he could see that the billing code was there for the extreme 105/10 but that the modem was configured to the old 50/10 so he tried all he could to push the correct config file but he had to escalate to tier 2. Sometimes you get conflicting info from Comcast.

My signals are spectacular as I am on the first splitter.

The big question is as this is the intent of this post: What experiences do you have with upgrading to 105. Also, are my speeds/signals where they should be.

I am wondering if the reduced speeds are thanks to the hurricane/superstorm. I am in western Massachusetts (Springfield) and we did not get hit too hard (just a few twigs and a trashed halloween display) but areas to the south (particularly NYC/southern Connecticut/New Jersey got trashed big time, one weather channel personality compared it to Katrina). I am wondering if the DSLR members that live there made it through OK (particularly EG See Profile as he is very helpful on this forum and lives there according to his profile).
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Sterling Heights, MI
I wonder how hard it is to find a single source that can actually send you data at 100Mbps. Maybe try torrenting a bunch of files to see if you can get more speed that way.


Palmyra, VA
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Just out of curiosity, run this: » ··· inedAuto