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Austin, TX
reply to LiVE4594

Re: [TWC] Modem Problem?

hobgoblin probably will chime-in pretty soon on this, but this doesn't look provisioned correctly. If you've purchased wideband service, and have a DOCSIS 3 modem, you should have multiple downstream channels. That's the first problem, and the tech from TW should have noticed that right away.

The second problem is what another poster said, and that 11.2 dBmV downstream is too hot. The TW techs that came out to my house put a splitter in line with my cable modem with terminators on the unused ports when my levels were up around 7 dBmV! A two-port splitter will drop your downstream signal by 3.5 dB, which would help here. Your SNR looks good, as well as your upstream level. If you go with a splitter, ask for one from TW (they usually give them out without charge) because the ones from TW are somewhat better quality than what you find at Home Depot, and are good to at least 1 GHz.

As for the connection dropping - you want to look at your modem's log. If you're seeing errors such as "no ranging response received" or anything having to do with ranging response errors, these are significant problems that only a level 3 tech from TW can really diagnose. There are a bunch of reasons why it can happen, and frankly I wish I understood it better because before I had a DOCSIS 3 modem, I would have periods where my service would drop out all the time and I'd see these errors. Nobody at TW was able to figure out the problem, though, and I'm hoping now with a good cable modem and multiple downstream channels that all goes away (so far, so good!).

You may want to post your issue to the Time Warner Cable direct support forum instead of here. I've never tried this, but it's supposed to get you in touch with a TW cable tech who can help. I would say given what you've said here that there are issues that a competent tech should be able to start addressing right away.


Fallbrook, CA
Good luck with the "Direct Forum". Seems no one is there to answer emails.