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Ukiah Jim

Ukiah, CA
reply to JSheridan

Re: [WildBlue] WildBlue installers..question about required spar

Yes, but is that from a system that you originally bought from your distributor?

The reason I ask is, I called DSI again today, who is the distributor for the guy I work for, and they said if I was to use a system that I got myself, regardless of who I got from, if it didn't go through their sales channel, I wouldn't get paid for it.

I originally set out to get a spare modem and tria from the WildBlue shop, and then thought maybe I'll check Ebay, see if I can find someone that is getting out of the business, or whatever, and selling their spare. Money is tight, so figured it's worth a try.

I ran across this

and was told about getting paid for systems you install, and this looked like a chance to make some extra money on the systems.

I'm still in contact with these people, but it doesn't sound like you can simply get $360 for installing a system from just wherever.

Anyway, I might buy one of these, and with shipping, it would cost me about $170, and I'd have an entire system, which includes my required spare modem and tria....for over $100 less than the modem and tria would cost from the WildBlue shop.


I wouldn't buy from anybody but DSI or WildBlue if I expect to get paid for the equipment when using it as either a primary or a spare. If you need the spare and use it then you better get paid for it and you probably won't if it's not from an approved sales channel.