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Houston, TX
reply to FifthE1ement

Re: iGuide A30

said by FifthE1ement:

said by andyross:

And then you have millions of pissed off customers if something goes wrong. They tend to start with a very small area to look for major bugs. Then expand to find more bugs.

Also, in some cases, there could be changes needed at the head ends to support certain features.

No offense Andy, as I love chatting with you, but Comcast has used this method every time they have launched any guide software and it's still always loaded with bugs. I really think the point is moot. I think the real reason they don't push more areas at the same time is that their infrastructure is so unorganized and old that they first can't coordinate their efforts and second when they finally due I think the hardware fails.

The S26 Guide update for SA/Cisco STBs is the perfect example of this. It was deployed to about 12% of Comcast's SA/Cisco STB customers before it was halted in September to fix bugs. It is scheduled to restart being deployed this month. The deployment was scheduled to be finished this year, but now the deployment is scheduled to end in early 2013.

The S25 Guide deployment also had to be stopped to fix bugs.
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