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Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
reply to 88615298

Re: Taking a beating??

You live in the middle of nowhere and 100 Miles from a major city. Not sure why you after to point out the same thing over and over. Its Tennessee country side so if I was a carrier it would be the last to get an update. T-Mo provides service to higher populated areas. Congrats to you and your LTE service. Verizon chose to provide LTE service to you while they pass over towns in Minnesota that are 10 times the size of your podunk city. In the end I could careless about LTE. Where ever I go in the Midwest AT&T is far better than VZW and my HSPA+ hangs with there LTE. In cities where LTE is cover by VZW and AT&T, AT&T is faster in my experience. I have a VZW MIFI LTE Spot and GNote on AT&T.

As for you fail comment, you are clueless about mobile devices. GSM is globally supported unlike VZW and Sprint CDMA. There are a lot of people on AT&T and T-Mo that buy international global GSM devices unlocked to get a pure form of the phone as it was meant to be versus bloatware VZW provides. Yep Verizon is so good they kept the G Nexus from getting Jelly Bean for a long time. Google is smart to do what they are doing. There will be a lot of people who buy this phone because of the low cost and NO Contract.