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reply to horseathalt7

Re: Getting 305/65

said by horseathalt7:

Wow what an exorbitant service they are offering. I wonder how many of their subs will take them up on it. My guess is very few.

It does seem like the price should actually be even higher than it is, but then again the general subscriber base will probably be subsidizing these few who decide to get this service.

If I was a low or mid tier sub I would be pissed at amount of wasted effort, time and budget Comcast is putting into it, as those tiers are very expensive for what you get.

Once again executive management ego is getting in the way of prudence and logic. Must be plenty of MBAs over there.

This service is provided by Comcast's existing metro ethernet infrastructure used for commercial customers. The only added expense for a new user is the "last mile" (I put that popular phrase in quotes because the terms of this service currently dictate a much shorter distance than one mile) extension of the fiber cable. It is no more exorbitant (or a wasted effort) than Verizon's FIOS, or the fiber offerings of numerous other ISPs.
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