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Guelph, ON
reply to RRedline


said by RRedline:

If Apple had just released a phone without LTE, even if it was offered as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 5, there would be a dozen threads on this site filled with people trashing them for it. Some of the loudest critics would be the same people making excuses for Google right now.

I am actually surprised by this, especially since so many people love to put Apple's products under the microscope. Of course, the press won't care because Android phones are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of choices, but having Google themselves release a phone like this is pretty strange. There seems to be a double-standard when it comes to expectations.

"I dropped my iPhone, and now it is scratched. My phone actually SCRATCHES! Apple sucks!"

If Apple released an iPhone(lite) with the same technical specs as the 5 but lacking LTE and retailing for $300 unlocked I think many would be buying an iPhone and not caring one bit.

The difference in criticism comes from the fact that apple products are marketed as halo devices. They are supposed to be the best of the best. Their price tag reflects this standard. It is why they don't offer a line of phones. It is all about the walled garden. This is where you should buy your music/apps/videos. This is how you get them on your device. etc etc.

The nexus line from google is meant to be a technical showpiece of how they envision a certain product. Since the nexus one they have wanted to be able to retail unlocked phones that work on the provider of your choice (unless they are cdma). Even then they were annoyed by the fact that they needed to offer 2 phones. Tmobile/att. Now they have that option. This is a world phone. If they tried to offer LTE it would no longer be a world phone. If all phones did this, we would have more carrier options, better plans, better prices.

They also need to push their services. Google isn't in it to make money on the nexus devices.

As someone who doesn't even have a data plan, I couldn't care less about LTE v HSPA+. Why would I need 50Mbps? $20 gets me 1gb. Fulll stop on LTE and that would be gone in minutes.