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Mclean, VA
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reply to alkizmo

Re: Generator doesn't work with Power Vent Hot Water Heater

said by alkizmo:

Incorrect, it can be either in the panel OR at the generator.
Transfer switches can switch the neutral. Mine for example does such thing, so the bond is at the generator, as per an electrician's recommendation.

Some do, some don't, it depends highly on the transfer panel so you can't generalize. Interlock kits for example have a different approach.

said by alkizmo:

Yes it IS a kludge, but that isn't what's being debated.

If you know it's a kludge, why would you suggest it? It's like telling a kid that it's bad to have guns around other people, but go ahead and take it to school.

said by alkizmo:

I'm going to assume you were still talking about N/G bond not being good at the generator with a transfer switch. So yes, you're right, 2 bonds is bad. But again... the bond CAN be at the generator and be the only bond.

Yes, but the point of that is what when you need the bond to be at the panel once power is restored? That just creates more work for yourself.