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Chicago, IL

[Equipment] CMCST firmware after BYOM on DPC3008?

Encoded Mac: deedde9fd3f9ff3d7614c0fcf6d84f4efac44837

Happy new RCN customer here that joined the BYOM service a week ago. I purchased the same modem as the RCN provided model and the most interesting difference is the firmware name between the two (raw data below). Is this the correct firmware? Note that I have the 75-down/10-up plan and since the BYOM switch the speed is slower, especially on the upload side as measured by the RCN speed test.

I work with a former RCN employee that speaks very highly of Bryan and his skill-set which influenced my decision to become a customer. I hope to learn something about modem firmware and perhaps have it documented on this forum to benefit others in the future.


Data from original RCN provided modem:

Model: Cisco DPC3008
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.1_R3
Current Software Revision: d3000­-v302r125552-­120315a
Firmware Name: d3000­-v302r125552­-120315a.bin
Firmware Build Time: Mar 15 14:17:27 2012

Data from BYOM:

Model: Cisco DPC3008
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.1_R3
Current Software Revision: d3000-v302r125532-120131a-L2VPN-CMCST
Firmware Name: d3000-v302r125532-120131a-L2VPN-CMCST.bin
Firmware Build Time: Jan 31 15:34:06 2012

Centreville, VA

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Flattering gets you everywhere....

Firmware updated.
I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to over-write cmcst code. But, yea updated see if that helps or if it works better for you, I did notice though your forward / downstream levels are screaming.... which while not "omg" does say we might wanna look into why they're so high.
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering