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This is a sub-selection from Refund


reply to carcajou

Re: Refund

said by carcajou:

Wow, this one will be the jewel in my collection of "absurd Acanac situations " LOL

So they billed you twice; you got a refund for the unjustified double billing and then they cancelled your account because you refused to pay double ?

And you cannot resolve that absurdity with their customers service ?

And you have been trying since february ?

ha ha ha this one is a keeper.

But I think I can see Acanac s logic in it. You insolently refused to pay double for 12 months for service. Cutting you off after 5 months achieved, in effect, the same result: you paid double ( 12 months price for 5 months service ).

Don't forget the early termination penalty worked into that cost. Acanac calls it, paying regular price to break the contract. A little play on words there.
This is a sub-selection from Refund