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Richmond, VA

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Re: [WIN8] Get the Start Menu Back Without an App

Great idea but why not carry this a step further. Create a Start menu exactly as you would like it. I don't have all day to navigate the new all programs screen. I'd like a shutdown shortcut, printers shortcut, etc.
To do this I just created a folder on my desktop called START. Add shortcuts into that folder that perform the functions you used to have on the start menu. Create a toolbar with that START folder as the source and move it to the left of your taskbar. each item might be a little tricky for the novice... but I'll give instructions for creating the All programs shortcut. Right click inside the START folder you have created and select new-shortcut. Browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ and add programs to shortcut. Then you get a nice concise list of your programs that doesn't need the real estate to display the new All Programs screen, which I find worthless. This displays the all-users program list which for most should be pretty complete.