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speed has actually gotten better

I've had Clear for over a year and been happy with them and not had the troubles others claim they have had. But for a couple months recently speed had become poor, 3-5mbps daytime and 1mbps or less at night. Now though, for the last month or a little over, they have obviously increased bandwidth in my area because I consistently get 8-12mbps in the day and 4-6mbps at a night, I stream 1-2 hours of netflix and Pandora daily.

For wireless broadband I think it performs well, for me at least. I feel some folks on here expect it to perform like cable internet, which it wont.

But overall I have been happy with their service, compared to my 1.5dsl line that always has issues. I have never had connection problems or sky high latency. My kids play WoW all the time on it and stream Pandora or YouTube at the same time without a problem. Never been over billed or anything else odd. I expected it to be crappy honestly after reading all the reviews here long ago but that simply has not been my experience.

Warwick, RI
for about 3 weeks the signal was weak but it came back up to 5 lights and has been zipping along again. I still keep the old 1 mb DSL line for the iPod streaming from slacker and iPhone leaving clear for netflix streaming / household computer use. If all goes well i will drop the DSL down the road after i finish out the contract but i want to wait and see what happens with clear LTE .


yep I don't know what they did but I haven't seen those old slow speeds I used to get at night in a couple months. And I've even been doing more streaming than usual. The dsl has just been very unreliable and I don know if its me or them. I would have times when the connection is up and down every few minutes, sky high latency or just no connection at all for hours. They came out and checked everything but found nothing wrong. I tried three different routers with little success. So for me Clear has been significantly better.


Des Plaines, IL
I agree. In the early morning hours, I can easily hit 17-18 mps and keep it there for a while.