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The Q

Collegeville, PA
reply to jwhite4

Re: DVR Extender w/Moto Boxes

said by jwhite4:

said by rendrenner:

said by SpHeRe31459:


If you use the WD drive through the eSATA port, and you have to swap DVR's you will lose your recordings. Soon as you plug it into the new box it requests a reformat.

From the Comcast link:

Will I lose the recordings on my Comcast DVR once I connect an external hard drive?
All recordings on your Comcast DVR will still be available after you connect an external hard drive

Not sure which is correct.

sounds like you can not move the external drive once it is connected to the comcast dvr....and that you won't lose any existing recordings on the DVR the first time you set it up to the DVR.

From the same link:

Can I move my external hard drive to another Comcast DVR to watch recordings in another room of my home?

Once your external hard drive has been formatted with a specific DVR, it cannot be used to watch recordings on other DVRs in your home. If you plug your external hard drive into another DVR once it has already been formatted, you will be prompted to reformat the external hard drive which will erase all of your recordings.