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reply to NuclearXP9

Re: WOW Pricing & Ultra TV

said by NuclearXP9:

- if you use your own router, or wireless router as an access point connected to the gateway, you will likely experience a lot of issues if you have gaming of unique network needs. it is also generally unsupported and difficult to configure

I have used my own router since day one I have had zero internet related issues. I play several PC games online with no issue. I believe the VPN issues have been resolved.
said by NuclearXP9:

- the quality of the gateway in regards to advanced configuration, and wireless network strength just aren't ready for primetime. don't count on using the wireless well outside the same room as the device.

I don't use it but the wireless signal is weaker than the signal from the linksys E2100 that I use.
said by NuclearXP9:

- while I have heard the latest firmware fixes or helps this - my family and I could not stand the latency between hitting remote buttons and the response on the tv. it was frustrating to pay money for a "consumer ready service" that had such an annoying and well known gap that went on well past a year it had been out

Menus are much much better search can still be laggy. Even with the issues its way better than the SA boxes.
said by NuclearXP9:

- if you have

I agree $15 per month for any TV over 2 is too much. That said I have not seen a solution that is more cost effective. A roll your own solution might be less expensive in the long run but it would take years to break even.