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Caveat Emptor
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reply to koitsu

Re: Question about Modular PSUs

I definitely fall into the realm of a non-engineer enthusiast, but I try to use logic in a situation where someone is serving up a BS claim ("higher-rated, more expensive PSUs fail more often than unrated/low-efficiency ones" is what this guy is claiming, in effect), or bring my questions to someone like you, who is awesome at explaining the why's and how's of the underlying technology.

If he's right, we can start recommending $15 PSUs to everyone and save them a bunch of money.
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said by Krisnatharok:

I definitely fall into the realm of a non-engineer enthusiast ...

The difference with you -- and most of the folks here on DSLR/BBR -- is that you guys ask the right questions, and also contribute coherent, logical (using your brains), and experience-based tips. And when you're wrong, you don't just argue nonsensical points, you instead said "Hey, can you help explain where I was wrong so I can learn?" We all keep one another in check too (about facts, etc.) which I think is fantastic -- like I said, I'm wrong quite often, and I love when someone here helps clue me in. In the end, everyone wins in some way or another, even if we can't always solve the issue.

These are the things that makes the DSLR/BBR PC/tech boards significantly better than "enthusiast" forums. Though I will admit there are some of those forums which have excellent information on them (the two I liken to here are HardOCP and SilentPCReview), they don't have the same feel; here there's almost an unspoken camaraderie.
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said by koitsu:

here there's almost an unspoken camaraderie.

I think we all want to learn, and not necessarily boast about how our rigs are more baddass than another. Which is fine with me.
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