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reply to TSI Marc

Re: How Long Till Canada Gets A Copyright Alert System

said by TSI Marc:

said by MJB:


How long till canada get's a copyright alert system like in the united states of america ?

what would you do if this happened ?


The tomming of when this might get implemented is still up in the air I believe but this is what we'll be required to do from our side:

Under the Copyright Modernization Act, once the notice-notice provisions eventually come into effect, ISPs will be required by law to forward copyright infringement notices received from copyright holders or their agents to the ISPs' end customers and confirm to the copyright holders/agents that they have done so. ISPs will also have to retain the information linking IP addresses to end user information when a notice is received for at least six months and up to a year if a copyright infringement lawsuit involving an end user is commenced and the ISP is notified during the six month period. This will be a mandatory regime.

It's quite a bit better than the US version..

and the second you do it i'llbe launching a lawsuit regarding music i download and put onlevied cdrs
ENJOY the mess they are creating for you...

I'll also be asking for all the levy money be returned in full and that every citizen that has internet to get a check....

you don't pay a levy and then penalize me without legal consequences.
If you seek to punish me then i want all my levy fees back, then i'll give the rights holder all the cdrs to melt if they so wish.
THERE no music in one fell swoop. i'd rather no music and no bs.

that is 600 million that music canada ( CRIA ) has collected i want back....