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American V
Flippin, AR

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reply to El Quintron

Re: Question about Modular PSUs

said by El Quintron:

Why are the failure rates higher than non-modular ones?

I think this is a baseless claim.
I have owned both modular, and non-modular PSUs, and as has been stated above, higher end units, (modular, or not) typically have much better life span, for the reasons indicated.

I definitely fall into the category of "can assemble components, with reasonable competency, but am a complete idiot with regards to what makes those components work", but when I buy those components, I thoroughly research & try to match, (make sure of compatibility) with the other components of my build.

Lately I trend toward Corsair PSUs, (Gold, or Platinum series) modular. Had extremely good service from 'em, and the premium price is off-set with reliability, and stable voltage performance.

Jus' my observations, and in no way an indication of how your results might be.

Having said all that, keep in mind, the BEST BUILT PSU can still fail well below it's expected life. It's an electronic component, and subject to failure for a variety of reasons, not to exclude amateur building, (probably the most likely reason for failure).
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