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Caveat Emptor
United State
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reply to pokesph

Re: [Rant] ..house might explode, but Comcast wants its cable bo

It seems to me as if the woman called the cable company not from her house, but after Sandy and the leaks were discovered.
When you are being evacuated you don't exactly think about cable and I hope she never does again.

Since the storm ended the gas was turned off. The transit lines are being flushed. It will be months before natural gas is returned to that area. It would not surprise me if the entire area was declared a disaster razed.

In any case she won't be able to return to her home for some time. It is the American Way to gouge, to fix prices, to hide profits in off shore companies and blind trusts, and to never ever "give a sucker a break."

I would say to his mother: Buy a radio and tv, rent movies, and read a good book.
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