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Sunnyvale, CA

Communication companies should know how to communicate!

Having been in the business, I know redundant data centers are tough to maintain, especially when you talk about webservers and PTSN connections.

I found the Twitter feed to be frustrating as I get different responses when I'm logged in and when I'm not. Actually more tweets for @CallCentric appeared when I was NOT logged in!

Having a redundant website that could at least inform users there is an issue and some means of intercepting inbound calls with an announcement the service was down would have been a lot better than nothing at all.

Lavalette, WV

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Why would having a redundant website that could inform people about issues and having calls intercepted telling you the service is offline be better than nothing at all?

Technically, it's still nothing since it does not accomplish anything - it does not lead to a solution.

It's simply a placebo effect, that makes you feel that they're doing something.

The reality is that if the service hadn't been down such a website and redirection would be unneeded.

Please, explain to me your need for the previously mentioned things.