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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
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reply to urbanriot

Re: [Rant] The beginning of the end for Netflix

said by urbanriot:

Eh, it's just a 10% stake.

said by J E F F:

Capitalism at its finest!

And it has been a good run, with a US DNS I get all sorts of movies and TV shows.

So you like that capitalism gave you this service or you don't like that someone has a 10% stake in what capitalism has given you? It's hard to frame your comment...

The second part. It's great when it's kept under control by reasonably people. Now there is a good chance that it will be ran into the ground. My understanding is that a while back (like 2 weeks or so) it was suggested that Netflix increase there rates by 50% or more. (technically they already did this in the US when they changed their format)..now with a single person having so much control, there is a good chance rates will go up.
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Elwood Blues
Somewhere in

If they did raise their rates, it would be the end of Netflix, people would flock somewhere else.

UB capitalism works but not when the end game is to destroy something in the name of profit. I can't say this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but his track record speaks for itself, Carl Ichan is not in for the long haul. What the game plan is , I don't know, sell it to one of the media giants? (That won't work since I may not want to watch all TW Movies all the time), but he's got one, and it's doesn't bode well for Netflix.
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