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Elizabethtown, KY
reply to ExoticFish

Re: [Rant] Technicians left a wiring nightmare

However it was Comcast who did the wiring. Previous tenants have shown receipts showing the installation invoice. It is not my responsibility to clean up the mess Comcast made. Apparently the Comcast bandwagon around here is pretty strong though so I will let you all keep criticizing based off assumptions.


Stuarts Draft, VA
Sure Comcast did an install at that location but that does not prove the previous tenants didn't ADD wiring themselves like many do. Clean up the mess to your liking and move on. If you're experiencing services problems, then that's something we can help with or at least point you in the right direction to get it resolved.


reply to mistcane
said by mistcane:

It is not my responsibility to clean up the mess Comcast made.

Yes it is. Your house, your mess, period. It has nothing to do with bandwagoning. Personally, I do all my wiring myself, at least as much as possible. If you want it done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself...

2600 ways to live
Sterling Heights, MI
reply to mistcane
It has nothing to do with that; you came on here to rant, and you just had a mis-undestanding. You pay Comcast a monthly rate for services, but the lines in your home you own. Same with the electic company, same with the gas company.

Is it a possibility that Comcast did initially make that mess before you got there? Sure. But thats what home inspections are for (assiming its a house), or an apartment complex cleaning up before you moved in. You cant discount that a previous tenant, or another overbuilder cable company (if there is one in your area) may have done this. Either way, you really dont have proof.

The service protection plan, to my knowledge, its just kinda like an "insurance", where if you have trouble with your service, you wont have to pay a normally-charged service call.

If you have any other questions about your service, these boards are full of intelligent, helpful folk that will give you advice on what needs to be done.

Just a heads up though, as in this case, it wont always be the advice you may want to hear.