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Boulder City, NV
reply to ZZZZZZZ

Re: [NBA] Can't believe I'm rooting for the Lakers

50 reasons to hate the L.A. Lakers

10. Not only does someone, somewhere make and sell gold Lakers charms, someone, somewhere wears them under halfway unbuttoned shirts with sunglasses indoors. And that someone is a completely unironic Lakers fanatic.

more snippets...
4. Despite a player payroll approaching $100 million, a half-billion valuation and the richest TV deal in NBA history, during the 2011 lockout the Lakers canned at least 20 employees in the scouting department, most of them longtime Lakers. But hey, you've got to pay for Steve Blake and Troy Murphy somehow!

7. The Lakers' new TV deal (worth at least $150 million per season) easily pays for the team's entire player payroll, which will be the highest in the league. The Clippers, who play in the same TV market, can barely cover Chris Paul's salary with their own TV deal.

24. Kobe Bryant hasn't been the best player in the league since at least 2008, and probably even longer. Try to tell a typical Lakers fan he's not the best player in the league right now. In 2012.

41. Lamar Odom met Khloe Kardashian as a Laker. It literally ruined his career.

Ephrata, PA
I agree Kobe isn't the best player in the League right now. But he's probably more important to the Lakers than any other player could be to them. NO way do they get a $150 million dollar TV deal without Kobe. Can't hate on them either for having the TV deal.

Boulder City, NV
said by I AM:

Can't hate on them either for having the TV deal.

No, you're right. But...

...I think the NBA continues to shoot itself by not having a good league revenue sharing model.

"Since the early 1960s, when the NFL signed its first television contract, the league has had some form of revenue sharing. Revenue sharing was established to help create parity through the league, and is one reason that the NFL has been so wildly successful.

Any team can win on any given Sunday – it’s one of the guiding maxims of the NFL. Parity has led to more competitive games, and is a big contributor to the success of the league, the high television ratings, and the growth of the television contracts."

This is why 120 Million people watch a Superbowl, and about 12 Million watch an NBA finals series.


"According to the NBA's financial data, ten teams combined to make a profit of approximately $150 million in 2010-11. And the other 20 teams lost their collective shirts to the tune of a $400 million. Clearly, the league has to do a better job of revenue sharing to be successful going forward."

In the last CBA, the NBA finally introduced a revenue sharing plan (if they didn't, 20 teams would have gone bankrupt this year or next), but it still has a lot to be desired because There are limits built into the new plan to protect high-revenue teams, such as the Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Orlando Magic, with no team to contribute more than 50 percent of its total profits into the revenue-sharing pool.

50% of L.A. Laker profits are more than 22 other teams entire profits.

Thus a continuation of 4-5 Harlem Globtrotters and 25 Washington Generals.

Remember the Super Bowl generates so many viewers because its a one game, winner-takes-all event. Over a 7 game series, if its interesting, the NBA finals can generate as many viewers. However, its no denying the NFL is the most popular sport in the US.