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Grand Rapids, MI

[Business] Moving business class service - any tips?

I'm going to be moving to a new office (about 1.5 miles away from my current one) over the next few weeks. Part of this will involve moving the Internet connection, which is a Comcast Business Class line with 5 static IPs. I have yet to contact Comcast to get the ball rolling, but I'm wondering what I can learn from others' experiences before I do so.

The new building does not have any cable connection, so a new line will need to be run from the pole. I'm assuming that the old connection will be brought down before the new one can be activated, due to the static IPs (can't have them in two places at once).

Does anyone have any advice to help me make this as smooth as possible? Will there be any problems with moving the static IPs (there shouldn't be, from a technical standpoint)? Thanks in advance!


Once they get the cable line hooked up you should just be able to move your hardware to the new location and plug it all in and it should just work. I doubt you will even need to change IP's.