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Evans, GA

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reply to Energystream

Re: [Raiding] Mean People Suck


first, he replied to me, so it was a general statement about LFR.

second, ignoring chat can become a douche move when people are trying to communicate something to you (like asking for a pet, or asking for your MD to go to someone, or "make sure all pets have taunt turned off", etc). I'm still not calling you a douche, mind you. But the point of the DailyBlink graphic is that those of you who ignore the douches are contributing to the problem. Please use /VTK at a minimum. =)

Personally, I can't ignore my chat window (it's pathological)... never can. I might miss stuff (when I let my addons spam too much crap like EnsidiaFails or MFClip)... but I can't ignore it. I have always enjoyed being the guy to call out the douchebag, the self-proclaimed overlord of LFR jerk, or that guy who is very forcefully blaming the wrong group for a wipe because he/she cannot read Recount/Skada. I enjoy reporting name violations, language, and cheating (oddly enough, I'm not so worried about "cheating" by Blizzard's definition).
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