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Re: How reliable & mature is Ethernet over Copper? (TelePacific)

i have to share my views o EoC:

it is too matured and reliable
main advantage of Ethernet circuit it is much easier to upgrade. With the traditional bonded T1, an upgrade in circuit speeds can take months as the local phone company has to drop additional loops. With an Ethernet circuit, the port speed can often be increased with a “click of a button”.
Another great advantage is that Ethernet over Copper is delivered over copper pairs of DS0 so EoC does not require expensive fiber build outs. In non technical terms: it runs over plain old copper telephone wires.
Ethernet over Copper pricing is much lower than that of bonded T1 circuits.
It is actually just as reliable, if not more. EoC circuits have a SLA (Service Level Agreement) just like T1 lines most often with the exact same conditions. Also, it runs over multiple pairs of copper. When one pair goes down, the bandwidth available does drop but you don’t loose the whole circuit as you would with a t1.

So I definitely wouldn’t worry about reliability or uptime.