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Dropped Services

I realize there are storm issues going on in the area but this outage is not an isolated incident for us. Also, why is it suddenly a storm issue four days later when our services were working fine even during the storm? We have Optimum Cablevision at home and in our business and I have issues with their service in both locations (two different towns). My home service is a bundle. Since the first week I've signed up with them, my cable services have frozen on a daily basis. I've had them in twice to check the box and the problem. It is still unresolved. The best answer the technician could give me is that the hookup in my development is not good and signals are just weak. Even with my laptop plugged directly into their modem the signal is weak.
At our restaurant our phone and internet services crash on a monthly basis. I find myself on the phone with their customer service reps at least once a month. I am never given an answer other than we are working on resolving the issue. I don't need their $2.00 credit. I need a reliable service. It would be nice if they refunded the business we are losing on a Friday night because we can't take orders over the phone and we cannot process credit cards. Then I'd be appreciative.

Just another point... They charge us top dollar and unlike Time Warner and Comcast Cable who offer a couple of months of free Premium channel service they offer nothing. When I inquired about it they simply said you are getting free On Demand. Yeah sure... On Demand that doesn't offer any movies and a menu that is soooo slow I can't even use it.

Can't wait to have Fios offered in this area! I'm going to try Roadrunner in the meantime.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ


Didn't Verizon basically freeze FiOS?

NY Tel
Smithtown, NY

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said by fifty nine:


Didn't Verizon basically freeze FiOS?

Yup. Unless it is already built out in your community, Fios will not be coming to a "theater near you" as they say.

I thought this move by Cablevision was phenomenal irrespective of what motives people think they may or may not have.

This is more than the right thing to do.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS
reply to fifty nine

said by fifty nine:


Didn't Verizon basically freeze FiOS?

Let's see Verizon do something similar... doubtful..


Milford, CT
reply to Melody

said by Melody :

I've had them in twice to check the box and the problem. It is still unresolved.

Couple funny stories...

Back in 1999, I started seeing weird problems with all the New York stations on Cablevision. This wasn't even though the box, it was happening right on my cable-ready TV and VCR, which indicated that the problem wasn't on my end. I called to complain and they insisted on sending a tech out. He took one look at it and said that there was nothing he could do.

To make a long, long story short, this problem continued on and off for about six months. Each time I called to complain, they acted like this was an unknown problem and wanted to send a tech to my house. It turned out to be a bad transfer link between NY and CT, which was affecting both Cablevision and Comcast. I learned this after talking directly to one of their engineers. Apparently whenever they switched to the backup feed, the problem showed up. I'd call him, they'd switch the feed and everything would be good for a month or so, then it would happen again. It only got fixed permanently after I wrote a letter to the head of Cablevision's engineering department.

Then in 2005, when they switched to all digital for their pay channels, I was seeing more weird problems on all the movie channels. It would happen at least once an hour and was a problem with the box, because switching channels and then switching back, would temporarily fix the problem on that box. Changing the channels somehow reset the box's firmware. Despite numerous calls and mailing a video tape of the problem to Cablevision, this problem went on for over a month.