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[Updated] Stardock START8 v.1.0.1

Start8 1.01 Update Now Available

New in the v1.01 update:
• US English installs with a language pack installed now pickup the correct language rather than US English.
• New option for when in a modern UI application to have the Windows key switch to the Windows desktop vs the Start8 menu or Win8 menu.
• New option for when on the desktop for the Windows key to switch to the last active Modern UI application. If none are running then nothing happens.
• The height of the start menu now adjusts instantly when you add lots of shortcuts on the right hand side list.
• Recent Items and Favorites shortcuts now load the translation correctly.
• Search now shows full results for program search on non English installs.
• RTL languages like arabic now show the start menu in the correct orientation and position.
• Fix for all programs text being backwards with RTL languages. Added registry key to enable bottom left corner Modern UI start menu hotcorner. This is enabled by setting AllowStartHotCorner to 1 in the usual Start8 registry keys location.
• Added registry key to enable winkey + ctrl to emulate right windows key. This is enabled by setting CtrlWinKey to 1 in the usual Start8 registry keys location.
• Added support for command line parameters via the search field.
• Made the shutdown button menu auto show on hover on the arrow.
• When hotspots are disabled the upper right hand pixel is now clickable.
• Some applications did not remember their maximized window state on launch. This is now resolved.
• On some machines search could show missing results at the top of the list on slow painting, fast searching machines. This is now resolved.
• When the taskbar is positioned on the right hand side of the screen the start menu now correctly expands left on jump lists rather than right.
• With languages where items on the right hand side are exceptionally long, additional space is now allocated to stop them truncating.
• Fixed a small bug with accessing the Run and Desktop from the Win + X menu when accessed via right click.
• Separator lines on the right hand side of the list were misaligned when the taskbar was not at the bottom of the screen. This is now resolved.
• Drag & drop sorting of pinned shortcuts would produce the wrong order with more than 10 pinned items as well as on some quick machines. This is now resolved.
• Attempting to drag icons using the right mouse button will no longer cause Start8 to wait for escape to be pressed.
• Right clicking on items in the all programs tree view and adding them as a link no longer causes the tree to refresh and close open folders.
• Items in the all programs tree view now pickup the native OS translation such as Editor for Notepad on German installs.
• Tweaks to improve going straight to desktop after login feature.
• Fixed an issue causing a crash on load due to a modern UI icon parsing issue.
• Small tweak to all programs tree icon loading.

Registered users can download the update from their account page at »store.stardock.com/myaccount/products or via Stardock Central.

If you're using the trial, you can also get the new build by having an email sent from the Start8 download page at »www.stardock.com/products/start8···load.asp.
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