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Markle, IN

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Re: Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Project

said by sempergoofy:

How to you apply the chips? Do you just throw them on by hand and hope to get an even coverage? Or did I miss something and there is an applicator?

There is an applicator, it looks like an old flour sifter. You turn the handle and it throws the chips around. You also hand throw them on the front edge by hand. I didn't really talk about that because there is almost nothing to it.

said by cdru:

How smooth is the clear coat finish? Can you still feel the texture of the paint chips or does it pretty much self level out as it dries?

The clear coat itself I think would be really smooth. However the chips have a fair amount of texture to them so it telegraphs through and you end up with texture. That is how it is supposed to be though according to the texture sample they give you to compare to. You are not supposed to sand the chips smooth, I'm not sure why.

North, VA

Ken I just can't help wondering being it's paint based just how it's going to hold up. Countertops take a beating. My Corian counters are in dire need of sanding down again to get the scratches and gouges out. Thank goodness it can be done multiple times.


New York, NY

Yes terrific job for a fast, no use, cosmetic fix for selling that most important part of house sale. Also occurs as to duration
under average to heavy use. Probable a careful couple might get buy but a fair size young family could mess it up quickly. Days of school making meals, dinners, weekends, parties, after school. etc.
Anyway nice job for fast visual fix up.