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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: coming close to that 2 GB cap

said by 88615298:

said by elray:

said by MovieLover76:

You do understand what an average is? in order for the average person to be using 1.58 GB and the fact that many users don't use a lot of data a lot of customers are already using more than 2GB of data monthly.

I hope they will adjust the bucket-size offerings, but we can't be sure they'll do anything.

The headline refers to the population of Verizon iPhone users.
Ray BF69's quote regarding the 2GB threshold refers to all "smartphone" data plan subscribers on all major carriers.

Last time I checked they don't have one data plan for iphone users and one data plan for everyone else. The average data use have been increasing by 40% or more every year for the last few years. By this time next year that means the average will be 2.2 GB.

No, they don't. But if you've paid attention on this forum, you would have noted that surveys and statistics collected distinguish between iPhone data consumption and other "smartphones".