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West Haverstraw, NY
reply to TopShelf

Re: Hurricane Sandy-Frankenstorm Outages/Issues/Updates

said by TopShelf:

rant on

I lost power for a week during the Great Winter Storm of November 1973. I didn't piss, whine, or moan because the TV was off. I was too effin busy bagging some coin shoveling snow for my neighbors.

I'm sorry ya'll have lost your internet/cable/cell phone accesses. Instead of inundating the companies responsible for restoring your services with queries on when your beloved access will return, why don't ya'll speed up the process by getting off your whiny duffs and go help clean up the mess this ungodly storm created?

rant off

What a completely ignorant comment to make.

Care providers use phones to check on those in need as well as the other way around. More so now because of the effects of the storm.

Others here have jobs, businesses, college and families that depend on OOL or Business Optimum being available. Many businesses use Optimum Voice and either have a hand in the effort or are relied on by those in need because of the storm.

For some it is also lose your job or business you are no position to help anyone.