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Hopewell Junction, NY
reply to FFH

Re: Should also reduce fraud..

said by FFH:

said by 8744675:

On the down side, what is to stop the cell providers from listing someone's old phone once they upgrade to a new one, even if the old one hasn't been stolen? By turning the old phone into a brick, they could force people to buy new phones to get service.

That might be an issue, but I doubt the Big 4 would do that. It would murder their reputation.

Another issue might be people reporting your phone stolen when it isn't, just to cause you some grief. Say an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend looking to make your life miserable.

if they are able to report your phone stolen they would be able to cancel your account entirely. seems like a non issue to me.


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Most people report there phones stolen and file police reports because the big 4 are usually lenient if you come to them with a police report and will hand you a free phone, NOW It wont be new ( or the 600 brand new iphone) you lost but they will supply you with a used refurbished 1-2 generation older smartphone (iphone).
I had A friend in NY whos car was broken into the thief saw his Iphone 4s in the cupholder broke the back glass and took the phone only and left the cash that was in the glovebox! He filed a police report took it to ATT and they gave him A used (refurb) Iphone 4 free.

That alone may get a lot of people to file a police report, just to evade purchasing a new phone even if they lost it and it was not stolen.