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[Homephone] Losing dial tone every day

Has anyone heard of this issue? I lose the dial tone on my phone every day at almost the exact same time, 8:49 pm for about 10 seconds. It's enough to knock my DSL offline. It always happens within a minute of itself (8:48 or 8:49) and even changes with daylight savings time, moving forward or back an hour. Although it usually changes a week ahead of the actual clock change.

Doesn't seem like a physical line issue, maybe something with the SS7? Anyone seen this problem before?


Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC
do you have an alarm system? if so it might be panel sending the timer test @ central, if so ask them to change the time on the panel

No alarm.

said by Netfox:

No alarm.

No alarm as in you're not paying for the service?

...or no alarm, as in you don't have a single piece of an alarm system anywhere in the house?

I hear it all the time. "I don't have an alarm system." Yet when I go downstairs, I find one that the previous home owners installed and the new owners didn't know about.

Just because it isn't paid for monitoring, if it's connected in any way to the phone line, it can still be causing a problem.

Hamilton, ON
reply to Netfox
I agree with Anonymuss.

My son bought a house that had an alarm system from the previous owner.

The initial problem was traced to an improper Internet filter in the house and since my son was dithering about buying the ADT service; that was all that was done.

The annoyances caused by the beep - beep – beep every time any door was opened resulted in the ADT system being disconnected.

My suggestion:

If there ever was an alarm installed in the house, locate the control box, remove the electrical connection and open the box and remove the battery AND make sure there is no connection to the phone line.