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Gautier, MS
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Re: DSL Latency Issues

said by navigator:

Wouldn't this mean something has slowly degraded over time? They keep correcting it in software when it's mostly likely a piece of hardware going bad or something else. And what's up with the on-the-clock latency issues? It's 11am and my latency is fine. Is there peak hours when something is turned on? I'm going to try and let a ping run at 5pm and 6pm to see if it switches over.

I wouldn't doubt that. Over time as more and more users are added to the network, AT&T may offer higher speeds, etc. and as a result if a certain part of the network isn't upgraded, it will begin to get saturated and things like latency, speed will be affected.

Interleave isn't causing this added latency however. Interleave is basically a hardware noise correction method (of some sort) that delays bits of data, analyzes them for noise, and corrects them if needed. If it were affecting your connection your second hop would be affected as well as the rest. At 15 ms you're probably on the 1st noise profile but you'd only lose 4-8 ms of latency max if you were switched back to fast path.

Typically the reason you're switched to interleave is noise or your line being unable to support full sync rates due to distance, line gauge, etc. I didn't like MaxSync for this reason back when I had DSL.
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Franklinton, LA

Very informative reply, thanks.

Multiple people were switched to interleave when I first called in about the loss of net access. If there was a noise problem wouldn't we have lose sync too? The IP address would drop but the modem would stay synced up to the DSLAM.

So I tried figuring out these on-the-clock latency changes. I know it was good all day up til 3:30pm then I checked at 4:06pm and it had turned bad. It stayed bad til 12:15am. I was checking it on the dot at 12am and it was still bad. I let it go to about 12:08am before I stopped it. And then I tried again at 12:16am and now its back good. I noticed this happen at the exact same time last night, that's why I was checking it at 12. As of now the problem seems to exist from ~4pm-12:15am. Tomorrow I will try and let a ping run every 10secs or so around those times to identify the exact moment it happens. Any idea why it would be on time like this?

So what would be the optimal setup for me? I want low latency and stable connection even at the cost of some bandwidth. Can I have my sync data rate lowered so its more stable? Or have the sync profile changed?

Direct forum is switching me back to fastpath to see if that helps. Not sure when that will take place though. I may have to go back to interleave if the old problem comes back.