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West Mich.
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Re: [Networking] Gen4 DDNS Setup

public IP

By this do you mean a Static IP vs a Dynamic IP ?


Edgewood, TX

Public IP as in it's known to the rest of the internet DNS servers. It can be assigned as a static or dynamic.

Private IP means it's not known to the rest of the internet and these are usually used for Intranet networks like company LANs.

reply to gwalk

said by gwalk:

public IP

By this do you mean a Static IP vs a Dynamic IP ?

We've had these discussions here in the past, because Hughes works differently than most other internet providers.

It is possible for a static IP to be public or private.

It is possible for a dynamic IP to be public or private.

On a typical cable or dsl modem the IP is dynamic, but public. It will change every time the modem is rebooted, and at some other times, but it can be seen from the internet. It is for such users that DDNS is designed - it takes a name like myip.dyndns.org and translates it to the dynamic IP. The modem or router sends a message to the DDNS provider every time the IP changes, and thus it works.

A static IP does not need DDNS, because by definition it never changes. However, a static IP is not necessarily public - the provider might assign the same private IP to a customer, never changing, but never possible to be seen from the internet.

Now to Hughes: historically, Hughes assigns a public IP to the WAN side of its modems, but provides a private range on the LAN side. It does no port forwarding from the public to the private, so it is impossible to use with cameras, etc.

When the customer pays for a static IP (single, or a block of 5 IPs), Hughes exposes them on the LAN side in addition to the private block. Those static IPs are public.

Thus, with Hughes, static and public are synonymous, while dynamic is always private.
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