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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Upgrade/Replace Electric Panel

said by IowaCowboy:

I wonder why your breakers are outdoors anyways. I would not want someone getting into mischief messing with my breakers.

i know, when i go down grocery shopping in your fine nation i sit at a traffic light and look at the big switch on the signpost at the walmart and think of how as a kid i would have turned that thing off in a heartbeat!

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Lompoc, CA
reply to IowaCowboy
I don't know why either. However, all of them in my city are. Mine is at least in my back yard. Must go through locked gates to access the panel. Smart meter for local POCO.
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reply to IowaCowboy
Different places do it different ways. When we lived in Houston, the panel HAD to be in the detached garage. The builder wouldn't put it inside the house. Here in central Texas the main panel is outside, on the side of the house.

(To be even more bizarre, the outside panel at this house only feeds 240 volt circuits, including the one that goes to the main 120 volt panel that is located in the garage, all the way on the other end of the house. So the a/c compressors, double-oven and cooktop breakers are all outside (All 240 volt circuits). There's a 60-amp breaker that feeds the panel in the garage, which houses the breakers for all of the 120 volt circuits in the house.)


Here in California, almost all houses have their breaker panel on the outside of the house, often in the same box as the POCO meter. No sub-panels for the 120V circuits. Everything is generally in the main box and if sub panels are added, they are all fed with 240V and all of the panels can mix 120V and 240V circuits.