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Cranford, NJ
reply to birdfeedr

Re: [Northeast] BBU Down, No Service

said by birdfeedr:

If you have AC power, leave the battery disconnected. Does it work then, or are the BBU lights still dim? If dim with no battery, then the power supply or the BBU is bad.

When the new battery was installed, how much charge time did it have before the generator power was pulled? New battery needs to charge to top it off. If the battery drained until the ONT shut off, that's not good for the battery.

With or without the battery, the lights are dim and no services work. It sounds like it's a bad BBU or ONT and there's not much that can be done about it until Verizon gets here. I guess the battery gave it that little extra voltage it needed to power on properly.

The battery was charging for a good 4 or 5 hours before power was pulled. I have a feeling it's not dead and the BBU is just having issues charging it or sensing any power that is left.

Do you know if the Auxiliary Power port on the BBU functions? Would plugging a 12V AC adapter into the auxiliary port do anything?

Warwick, RI
Auxiliary port needs 12VDC. The adapter size is non-standard. The closest size I've tested that works is a RadioShack Enercell type H, which is 1.3mm ID/3.4mm OD. This adapter plug fits loosely which means you have to wiggle it sometimes to make the connection.

I think the real OD is 4.0mm similar to type B, but that one has a 1.7mm ID which is worse. Easily available is a spec that takes me to RadioShack. I'm sure I can find one from Digikey or one of the other suppliers but I haven't looked into it yet.

A discharged battery will take nearly 2 days to become fully charged by the BBU. Your 4 or 5 hours may have been enough to bring a new off-the-shelf battery to 95%.


Cranford, NJ
A tech came out today, replaced the BBU, and everything works. He said a surge might have taken out the BBU and that it should work whether or not a battery is installed.