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This is a sub-selection from Gosh, that sounds familiar.

New York, NY
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reply to borntochill

Re: Gosh, that sounds familiar.

In all due respect - you have zero technical understanding of matters you're trying to speculate about and/or - you're trying to be a judge for! What a shame and abuse of freedom of speech.

There is a saying - "don't judge and you won't be judged".

When time permits - I'll try to explain more what the terms "redundancy" and disaster recovery actually mean when applied to the Real Telephony.


united state

Iscream, you just said the same thing in the VoIP Tech Chat forum so I will repeat my response here too:

I know you are busy now, but I look forward to your explanation about your notion of what "disaster recovery" means, minus the insults and dripping condescension.

My "judgments" about how CallCentric handled this disaster were clearly spelled out in this post:

»Re: CC Disaster

That post received 5 "Approvals" from other users, including this forum's moderator. This is the most approvals I've received for a single post in the 10 years that I've been a member of DSLReports, so clearly I struck a chord with my remarks. If you respectfully want to tell me how and why I have it wrong, I look forward to that when you are ready, but I'm clearly not the only one with these concerns.

This is a sub-selection from Gosh, that sounds familiar.