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Milford, CT
reply to Melody

Re: Dropped Services

said by Melody :

I've had them in twice to check the box and the problem. It is still unresolved.

Couple funny stories...

Back in 1999, I started seeing weird problems with all the New York stations on Cablevision. This wasn't even though the box, it was happening right on my cable-ready TV and VCR, which indicated that the problem wasn't on my end. I called to complain and they insisted on sending a tech out. He took one look at it and said that there was nothing he could do.

To make a long, long story short, this problem continued on and off for about six months. Each time I called to complain, they acted like this was an unknown problem and wanted to send a tech to my house. It turned out to be a bad transfer link between NY and CT, which was affecting both Cablevision and Comcast. I learned this after talking directly to one of their engineers. Apparently whenever they switched to the backup feed, the problem showed up. I'd call him, they'd switch the feed and everything would be good for a month or so, then it would happen again. It only got fixed permanently after I wrote a letter to the head of Cablevision's engineering department.

Then in 2005, when they switched to all digital for their pay channels, I was seeing more weird problems on all the movie channels. It would happen at least once an hour and was a problem with the box, because switching channels and then switching back, would temporarily fix the problem on that box. Changing the channels somehow reset the box's firmware. Despite numerous calls and mailing a video tape of the problem to Cablevision, this problem went on for over a month.