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reply to espaeth

Re: Where are the SERVERS ? - Summary

said by espaeth:

said by Davesnothere:

this thread itself is supposed to become a summary of all of the scattered info about VoIP providers' servers and of their redundancy plans

Can you edit your first post in the thread so that all the info is consolidated there, rather than having to scan through the thread?

I guess I could try that, but this is not a very long thread as it is.

Some of this info is in/from the 109 page omnibus CallCentric thread too »CallCentric tech issues today? , and I think that by getting it into here I have already reduced peoples' reading times considerably.

Also, some posters in the current thread, while their input is still valuable, have given incomplete info, and I encourage them to return and edit their posts if they learn any more about those particular providers during the next couple of days, before their posts get frozen.

Plus I was thinking of doing a spreadsheet or some sort of table afterwards, but I wish to wait a bit longer to see how many more providers get listed here.

And yes, I realize that DSLR locks each post after about 5 days.