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I Did It My Way
Summerville, SC
reply to wideglide36

Re: Voip issues? Just can't win

said by wideglide36:


Thank you. I tried again this morning and was in fact able to purchase the DID.

So now it's off to play with my new toy.

Hopefully this plays nicer with my OBI 110.

Thanks again for your offer of assistance.

I just switched to VOIP.ms yesterday because VoicePulse is useless. I used an OBi100 which is the same settings as your OBi110. Just follow their Wiki page and it works great. My only complaint is their web site is a bit rough to handle for rookies like myself. It required jumping around to a few menus to get everything going.

One issue, their Wiki on voice mail setup is missing a key step under the DID options. It's labeled -"Additional Failover Options" which must be clicked to expand the options to setup the triggers for VM to work. It took me a long time to find that option. I tried contacting their support via a ticket but they never responded. I closed the ticket once I fixed the problem.

The good, I called a friend who always hated my VoicePulse sound quality. VOIP.ms passed his test and let me tell you that's hard to do, he's beyond fussy when it comes to sound quality.

The one thing I am missing is CallerID name filtering. VoicePulse allowed you to setup filters on name. For example I would have a filter that would toss any call with the string of 'diabetes' in it. I also get a lot of calls where the name is "800 Service" and I would toss them directly in voice mail.


Altoona, PA
·Future Nine Corp..
Thanks mm,

I'll definitely check out their Wiki page.

I initially had a heck of a time setting things up with my Obi 110, but finally did get registered.

Now I have to figure out all the different options available and where to find them and how to set things up to my liking.

As a noob in the area of Voip, I posted in another thread that my decision came down between Anveo and Voip.ms, and I chose Voip.ms because their web site seemed a little bit easier to navigate. Not as easy as I would like, but still a little easier.

Time will tell if I made the right decision.....