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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Sukunai

Re: Opinions (online that is)

I tried blogging a few times. I eventually found they always ended up being too hate filled, too grumpy and just plain miserable. And I suspect no one read them but me, and I always ended with 'well I think it sucks, why would anyone else not think so?'.

Today I have Facebook, at least I know I can say something and no that at least someone is able to see it and comment if they wish.

Not saying Facebook is the best thing to ever happen, but it is at least better than a blog. And the best part, is unlike forums, I don't need to worry about being banned because something I was rambling on about crossed the line with a moderator.

But if I could push a button, and make every rant I have ever typed online just vanish never to have happened, I'd do it in a heartbeat if all the negativity generated went with them as well.

I admit it, I have trouble distancing myself from the idiocy of the internet most days.