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Oh Well

reply to koitsu

Re: What to do about 11 weeks of node/network problems?

I would now try a different approach...
You have tried providing detailed technical information/troubleshooting to them but can not get them to focus on the issue.

If you you can, get 25 of your neighbors to call and complain that they are having "problems with youtube and facebook" it will become a larger blip on their radar. Sure they will all get to reboot their modems etc but it now is a "bigger problem". An area problem gets more attention - fact.

Hand out a flyer and initiate a more grass roots effort.
It can't hurt and might be more effective.

From my observations they always focus on putting out the larger fires first. A single customer complaint always falls low on the list and rarely move to the top - it always falls off the radar for support resource allocation.

Good luck!
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