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Scarborough, ON
reply to fspilot

Re: [Extreme Plus] New Speeds Effective December 1st

said by fspilot:

I'm on Extreme Plus with the 32Mbps download and 7Mbps upload speeds. I called Rogers to see if my upload speeds would be lowered to 4Mbps with the new 45Mbps download speed on Dec 1st. The CSR indicated to me that my speeds won't be changing to the new download/upload speeds. I will be keeping the current speeds as a 'grandfathered' package. If I want to take advantage of the new 45Mbps download speeds I would be then lowered to the 4Mbps upload speed.

I plan on keeping the 7Mbit upload. 32Mbit download is good for me.

It could be that they may be keeping some current Extreme Plus customers with the newer 32/7 on those speeds after Dec 1st. As with Rogers, I will be taking all of this with a grain of salt and will see what happens after Dec 1st.

If unsure call Rogers.

The CSR is talking out of their ass, none of the CSRs right now know exactly what will be happening to higher upstream customers ATM.


Scarborough, ON
Good one! When I speak to their CSR's, I take a wait and see approach and wait until what they actually do.

I called them many times about higher upload speeds until finally threatening to cancel before I got them.

Just putting what happened to me out there to see if anyone else had a similar experience.